William Morris 'Blue Willow' type fabric Memo Board

Image of William Morris 'Blue Willow' type fabric Memo Board

1. A lightweight, box framed Memo Board covered in William Morris 'Blue Willow' type cotton fabric.
Size approx.50cms x 37cms (pic2) £25 Large Size approx 60cms x43cms (pic4) £35
Elastic Webbing for notes, appointment cards etc Also takes pins (included)
Ready to hang
(buttons may vary slightly from picture)
Cellophane wrapped.

2. A Dark Blue,lightly waxed Wood framed Pin Board
lightly padded with underlying cork for pinning (pins included)
Blue willow fabric (Pic3)
Frame Size approx 58cms x 48cms
Ready to hang £40

3. A lightweight, box framed Pin Board .
Size approx50cms x 37cms( Pic5) £25 Large size approx 60cms x 43cms £35
Lightly Padded with Underlying cork for pinning (pins included)
Ready to hang