Modern London Memo Boards

Image of Modern London Memo Boards

Box Framed Memo Boards depicting London Icons or scenes
All Boards have elastic webbing for notes,cards etc. Also takes pins.(included)
We use toning buttons NOT studs.
Ready to Hang

Choose From-

1. London Icons £20
(Image 1)
Size approx 36cms x 46cms x 5cms

2. Brompton Road £25
Covered in Sanderson's rare 'Brompton Road' fabric from the 'Westminster'
Size approx. 28" x 18"

3. London Skyline Memo Board with hooks £18
( Image 3)
Size approx 18" x 8"

4. London Underground Map Memo Board £30
(Top of Image 4 )
Size approx 70cms x42cms

5. London Transport Roundels Memo Board £30
(Bottom of Image 4)
Size approx 44cms x 66cms

6.Notting Hill Bookshop Memo Board £15
(Image 5)
A lightweight memo board covered in fabric with 'The Notting Hill Bookshop'
made world famous by the film 'Notting Hill'
Elastic webbing for appointment cards,notes, etc. Also takes Pins (included)
Size approx. 12" x 12"
Ready to hang
Elastic position and button may vary slightly from picture